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Lasser is the youngest in a long line of children (80+ older siblings) in his family. He is an avid reader of romance novels. He is currently in a relationship with Quinn.


  • Nero (father)
  • Ash
  • Dixon
  • Leir

Romance novel type rankings

  1. Steamy anything
  2. Werevolves/vampires
  3. Regency England (wherever that is?)
  4. Ghosts
  5. His Declan/Callie fan fiction
  6. Mermaids
  7. Princes specifically falling in love with commoners
  8. Adventure - jungle romance!
  9. Vampire werewolves
  10. Science fiction (alien romance?)
  11. Knitting circles
  12. Rom coms
  13. Magic ♥
  14. Still don't get what a cowboy is?
  15. Cartoonists in love

Source: Ask Radish Q&A #7